GGE provides aquifer evaluations for segments of leads, prospects or discoveries

The risk assessment of individual segments or aggregated opportunities is usually performed in line with the risk matrix of the client. However, if required by the client, GGE can use also its own consistent risking approach. GGE has also developed a robust workflow for consolidation of individual prospective segments into leads and prospects to define the combined chance factor of the evaluated opportunity for different hydrocarbon phases. This probabilistic approach considers relations between the different chance factors and volumes of the individual segments. The result can be directly associated with the client’s field development plans and economic evaluations, and will support the portfolio ranking.


Static 3D modelling is important when developing deep aquifers.

GGE provides static reservoir modelling by integrating seismic, logs, core, porosity and permeability data, sedimentological analysis, well tests and production data. This will create the sedimentological model of your reservoir, highlight the reservoir properties distribution (NtG, porosity, permeability, etc.) and reveal flow units. Static models are performed on different workstation platforms depending on clients’ preferences.
Results are directly used for available Fresh water volume in-place evaluation and dynamic simulation.


In addition to pore-scale simulations GGE also provides various types of assistance on reservoir-scale simulations, from the QC of data deck files to full-field production profiles.

  • Quality control of the data deck: the keywords and assumptions made in the data deck are checked and challenged by ensuring that the different inputs are in line with the understanding of the reservoir
  • Data deck construction from scratch to pre-processing
  • Sector or phenomenological models to study specific challenges, e.g. checking the recovery from the matrix in a fractured reservoir context
  • Running simulations: history matching and predictions taking into consideration different scenarios
  • Beyond the usual services related to reservoir simulations, GGE has a strong experience in dual-porosity reservoir simulations. This knowledge integrates the key skills in Petrophysics.