GGE offers a series of services dealing with water resource estimates.
For these tasks GGE can provide a fully integrated team or individual specialists for specific subjects to the client to fulfil the estimates.
Our expertise covers the wide range from basic review of asset valuation to a detailed estimate of the contingent and prospective resources if any, on a technical and economic basis.

  • Log Interpretation
  • Well test, production and reservoir pressure analysis
  • Volumetric, material balance
  • Reservoir simulation deck audit
  • Development scenarios audit
  • Production profiles
  • Costs (capex/opex) profiles
  • Economic modelling

Reserves Estimates team includes :

  • Geophysicists, geologists and petrophysicists specialized in reservoir characterization, mapping and calculation of volumes in place
  • Reservoir engineers specialized in water characterization and historical production data analysis (from a single well test to the full field production)
  • Cost/Facilities Engineer to review client’s capex and opex figures for each development scenario
  • Economist to model production royalties terms, splitting revenues amongst partners and government