geophysical and geohazard surveys MANAGEMENT

GGE’s project management system assures industry standard and HSSE compliant data acquisition campaigns tailored to the specific G&G tasks as well as project execution in time and budget.
Our expert knowledge allows :

  • Optimized survey design and description of minimum technical requirements
  • Compilation of the “Scope of Work” including HSSE requirements drafts for remuneration schemes and draft contracts reflecting client’s interests
  • Tender and service provider evaluation
  • Support to client for final contract negotiation
  • Support to client for field operations management including EIA compliance, permitting work safety supervision and QC
  • Data processing management and QC

Our practical expertise covers 2D and 3D seismic acquisition :

  • Land (jungle and mountain environments)

Well seismic surveys :

  • Design of check shot surveys, vertical seismic profiling (VSP), including walk-away, walk-above and walk-around VSP
  • Optimized scope of work reflecting the real minimum requirements of the client
  • Tender process and contracting
  • Field operations QC and monitoring to minimize survey and rig standby costs
  • Processing follow-up and advise on data integration

Planning, hsse compliance, contractor selection, operations supervision, data and interpretation QC

  • Desktop studies and compilation of existing relevant data to refine client’s and its contractor’s requirements
  • Survey design, optimized scope of work
  • Tender process and contracting support
  • Field operations QC and monitoring to minimize standby costs
  • Processing and interpretation follow-up including data logistics and QC
  • Industry standard compliance (IOGP , DNVGL , SNAME )
  • Third party expertize if required

seismic processing management

Seismic images optimization for deep fresh water aquifer exploration.

Our experts have extensive experience in managing of seismic processing projects with most of the international processing providers.

We are offering :

  • Planning of target specific processing workflows and provision of detailed scope of work considering cost efficiency
  • Tender support and contractor selection
  • Technical QC on all stages of the processing and regular data quality reviews with progress reporting to the client

reFLeCtion anD DiFFraCtion imaging /proCeSSing

GGE is continuously extending its seismic data processing expertise and related computing infrastructure.

  • De-migration of existing seismic volumes and re-migration to depth domain using velocity models.
    This offers an advanced t/z conversion workflow and a probabilistic approach to analysing variability of structural dips of target horizons related to different migration velocities.
  • Refining velocity analysis using Kirchhoff depth migration clearly improves target imaging with direct impact on geo-velocity model building and pore-pressure prediction for well planning.

geophysical surveys: planning, contractor selection, operations supervision and data qc

Land seismic surveys

  • Survey design
  • Tender, and service provider evaluation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Field operation follow-up

Well survey

  • VSP design
  • Tender, and service provider evaluation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Field operation follow-up

Site surveys

  • Magnetometry
  • Shallow gas hazard assessment
  • 2D/3D High Resolution seismic survey design
  • Tender, and service provider evaluation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Field operation follow-up